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 Horticultural Lighting
What is HID Lighting?
HID lighting stands for High Intensity Discharge, which is a special type of lighting that is much more intense (brighter) than other types of lighting available. An HID lighting system consists of a ballast, reflector, socket and lamp (light bulb). The ballast acts like the engine, converting and driving energy to illuminate the lamp. HID lighting options include High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), Mercury Vapor and Low Pressure Sodium. The two typically used for plant growth are HPS and MH systems..
What is the difference between MH and HPS with regards to plant growth?
MH lamps provide more of the blue/green spectrum, which is ideal for leafy crops, and/or plants that are in a vegetative (actively growing) stage. MH lamps provide a more natural appearance in color and are typically the choice for plants that have little to no natural light available. HPS lamps provide more yellow/orange/red spectrum, which is ideal for most plants that are actively fruiting and flowering. In addition, HPS lighting is the choice for growers looking to supplement natural sunlight. Ideally, the horticulturalist will use MH to grow their plants and HPS to fruit and flower their plants.
What is the difference between HID and Fluorescent lighting with regards to plant growth?
Traditionally, fluorescent lighting was used for seedlings, cuttings and plants with low light-level requirements and HID was used for established plants and plants with higher light-level requirements. Advances in fluorescent lighting technology, however, have provided more options for horticulturists. T5 fluorescent lighting is the latest in plant growth lighting. T5’s high-light output combined with its low heat and energy consumption makes it an ideal light source to grow a broader array of plants.
Indoor gardening is a fun way to grow your own herbs and vegetables year round, right in your own home.  Summer gardening season in northern Pennsylvania is very short.  Many of the plants you grow in your garden can be grown indoors.  Enjoy garden fresh tomatoes in winter.
With proper lighting and nutrition you can harvest year round.
Outback Indoors has all the equipment you will need to grow indoors, hydroponically or with soil. 
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The first thing you will need is the proper light for your area.  We can help you with your selection.  We offer many types of lighting fixtures for all growing needs.